Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Expressing feeling of relief, pain and pleasure

Mala                       : hello ardiana how are you today .
Ardiana                  : hello, im fine thank you what about you ?
Mala                       : I also fine ‘ how about your presentation yesterday ?
Ardiana                  : oh , I’m glad it’s done . I hope they liked my design
Mala                       : of course , i think so, cause I like all about your fashion design
Ardiana                  : really ? Ohh thank you very much , that’s all right then
Mala                       : wich design you present?
Ardiana                  : I’m present casual dress for autum
Mala                       : believe me! Your dress will definitely sell in the market, like last year, good for you
Ardiana                  : I’m very pleased with my success last year, it turns out my fashion design many who enjoyed
Mala                       : I’m delighted to hear that, I know you can
Ardiana                  : yeah .. Thank god for that, so how about your singing contest today, I’m sory I can’t attend
Mala                       : okay, no problem friend’  I know you busy today.  I was nervous before
Ardiana                  : why , what makes you nervous ?
Mala                       :  I was the first participant to perform, but the feeling was over after I started to sing
Ardiana                  : ohh, what a relief ! I think that make problem for your ferform
Mala                       : yes, I’m glad you like it, I got a very lively applause
Ardiana                  : really fantastic !, sorry I missed it.
Mala                       : yup  I hope to win it.
Ardiana                  : when the announcement of the winner ? I need to know
Mala                       : 8 pm o’clock tonight, you must come with me!
Ardiana                  : all right everything I do for you.
8 pm o’clock
Mala                       : You see, they look confident
Ardiana                  : come on, Cheer up you can definitely win it
Mala                       : oh , that’s all right then
(announcement of winners is mala!)
Ardiana                  : wow I’m delighted to hear  that,  they called your name friend
Mala                       : really , it gives me great pleasure to hear that
Ardiana                  : congratulations friend, immediately take the cup.
Mala                       : ohh I’m very pleased , thanks for everything !
Ardiana                  : isn’t  this great !

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