Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Contoh kalimat comparative & superlative

Contoh kalimat comparative & superlative


1.       My grades are lower than my sister's
2.       Merry is more diligent than Ahmad.
3.       My pen is cheaper than Isma pen.
4.       Muh. Ikhsan Nur runs faster than Ismail Marsuki.
5.       Muh. Rifqy spends more hours at campus than does Ahkam.
6.       The results of the current experiment appear to be more consistent than were the results of any previous tests.
7.       My Brother more handsome than bachtiar.
8.       My niece cuter than Via.
9.       Joseph is taller than beni
10.   I buy more cheese than Amir.
11.   He buys less sugar than we do
12.   A car is more expensive than a bicycle.
13.   The film was more exciting than the book.
14.   Mt. Everest is higher than Mt. Blanc.
15.   I had a bigger meal than you.

1.       Ahkam is the laziest in his class.
2.       Muh. Rifqy is the most diligent in his class.
3.       Imamsyah is the most handsome in his class.
4.       Iswahyudi is the best football player in Makassar.
5.       Opi is the cutest student in my school.
6.       Bachtera is the tallest boy in my family.
7.       I think computer is the most interesting device i've ever tried.
8.       Igor can tell you the funniest joke you've ever heard.
9.       The most important thing for student is to study hard.
10.   Jonathan is the most careful person i've ever met.
11.   Dina's home is the farthest from all of us.
12.   Mexico is the most polluted city in the world.
13.   Aditya are the most boring person i've ever knew.
14.   Irfan is the most angry when he know that we insult the teachers.
15.   Mala always get the best score in math subject.

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  2. contoh kalimat nya bagus, tapi klo ada si contoh superlative degree n comparative degree nya yang menggunakan More n Most dan Less n Last. thank u ^_^